Just your average dude.

No one wants to call a Realtor®. Trust me, I AM ONE.

People really just want to buy/sell real estate. Contacting a Realtor® is just a speed bump. I understand that my job is to limit your speed bumps, keep you informed, and get your results.

It's a nerve wracking step to decide to buy or sell real estate and you want to do it right. I'm here to tell you, everything will work out. You'll make it happen.

Simple Steps to Selling

  1. Find a good Realtor®

  2. Get your home ready for the market.

  3. List it.

  4. Accept a good offer.

  5. Get that money!


  1. You want your agent to wear a suit.

  2. You want your agent to drive a flashy car.

  3. You don't want your agent to occasionally quote The Office.

  4. You want your agent to have an overly enthusiastic TV personality.


  1. You prefer someone laid back.

  2. You prefer hands on service rather than lowest cost.

  3. You prefer an agent who is intensely motivated without being high strung.

  4. If you think the creation of Peeps (the marshmallow candy) was a crime against humanity.