You Might Be Killing Your Plumbing

How using flushable wipes could cost you $$$ in plumbing damages.

Marketed as a convenient alternative to toilet paper, flushable wipes claim to be safe for flushing. However, despite their widespread usage, it's essential to understand why flushable wipes can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and the environment.

Unlike toilet paper, flushable wipes don't disintegrate as quickly and effectively. These wipes can accumulate and clog pipes and ultimately result in expensive plumber visits.

Water facilities are designed to treat human waste, toilet paper, and other biodegradable materials effectively. However, flushable wipes are not effectively filtered during the treatment process due to their durability. Consequently, they can accumulate, clog equipment, and disrupt proper wastewater treatment. This results in increased maintenance costs and potential environmental damage.

1. Stick to traditional toilet paper: Opt for toilet paper that is designed to disintegrate quickly, minimizing the chances of clogs.

2. Dispose of wipes properly: Place wipes, including those labeled as flushable, in the trash bin instead of flushing them down the toilet.

3. Install a bidet or bidet attachment: These can provide a hygienic alternative to wipes, reducing the need for their use.